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Houston Estate Planning Lawyers

Proper estate planning can avoid the need for lengthy and expensive probate. Roger G. Jain & Associates can help with your estate planning. There are several documents that many people use to help make sure their assets go to the persons they wish, and that their personal and business affairs are taken care of in the event that they become disabled or incapacitated. The documents that we typically prepare for our clients are:

  • Wills
  • Medical powers of attorney
  • Durable powers of attorney (also known as a statutory power of attorney)
  • Advance directives (also known as a living will or a directive to physician)

Contact our office if you wish to speak to an experienced estate planning attorney in Houston, or if you need any of the above documents drafted.

Roger G. Jain & Associates does not provide tax advice in relation to estate planning. If you require advice on any potential tax consequences related to estate planning, please consult your accountant or other tax professional.