“I was introduced to Roger Jain & Associates through my employer’s legal referral program. I never worked with an attorney before, so I did not know what to expect. I needed some legal advice and counsel to pursue damages in a dispute with the management company of my previous apartment complex–a national company with assets in the billions of dollars. Over the course of the engagement, I worked with Roger Jain, AJ Gonzalez and Thomas Smith.

Roger, AJ and Tom were all insightful, attentive, timely and, most importantly, thorough. At every point during the engagement, they advised on the pros and cons of each alternative to pursue the best strategy and understand the legal ramifications. Ultimately, they helped me secure a settlement that met ALL of my demands while protecting me against future actions from the management company.

I am so glad that I hired Roger Jain & Associates and cannot recommend them highly enough. Now that I have deposited the settlement payment(!), I am looking forward to working with them again and have already hired them to advise on another matter.

I can think of no greater endorsement than my trust and repeat business.  I am very gratefully for their service, and the kindness and consideration they gave me.”

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