October 23rd, 2016|Construction/Real Estate Cases, Track Record|

Facts Mechanic’s lien claim against owner of hotel $16,151.79. The lawsuit was filed after the statute of limitations had expired. The lien claimant agreed to take no further action, and the case was eventually dismissed as a result of such inaction. Result Claim for $16,151.79 was dismissed for want of prosecution.


October 22nd, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client hotel had a mechanic’s lien asserted against it by a vendor. Our client maintained that the items listed in the mechanic’s lien were never delivered. We filed suit seeking a removal of the mechanic’s lien. Our motion for summary judgment was granted, and the court ordered that the lien be removed. This removed the cloud on the title that the lien had created. Result Summary judgment in favor of our client for removal of the mechanic’s lien. Amount Client Received Removal of the lien.


October 21st, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our clients were sued for a $194,411.24 bank note and personal guaranty. Our clients counterclaimed on the basis that the bank had seized our clients’ business assets to satisfy the loan before clients had breached the loan agreement, and caused our clients’ business to end prematurely. Result Both sides agreed to take nothing on their claims, and the bank received no money from client as a result of the lawsuit. Amount Client Received n/a

Carrying weapon in prohibited place

October 21st, 2016|Criminal Cases, Track Record|

Type 3rd degree felony Facts Client arrested after attempting to board airplane with suitcase full of kitchen knives in his carry on luggage that client had received as a gift. Since client was a foreign national, the incident received media attention. Our investigation resulted in statements from several sources, both locally and overseas, that he was neither a violent person or a terrorist. We submitted a packet of this information to the grand jury, and the grand jury chose to “no bill” or to not pursue the criminal charges. Result Dismissed


October 20th, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client was sued for $101,284.32 bank note and personal guaranty. Client had money withdrawn on a line of credit without client’s permission or consent. When this information was brought out, the bank dismissed the lawsuit. Result Case dismissed by bank Amount Client Received n/a


October 19th, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client and our client’s fellow business owner were sued by their bank for a $60,000 personal guaranty. We did not represent the other defendant. After approximately six months of litigation, the bank agreed to settle with our client for $3,000. The bank did not provide a reason why it accepted the reduction; however, the bank maintained the right to pursue its remedies against the other business owner. Result Settled for client’s payment of $3,000 Amount Client Received n/a


October 19th, 2016|Criminal Cases, Track Record|

Type State jail felony Facts Client lost his wallet containing his driver's license. His driver’s license was later used by another person in an attempt to cash a forged check. While attempting to cash the check, the perpetrator became spooked when questioned by the clerk, and he left our client’s driver’s license at the counter. HPD investigated the incident, and the investigating officer made a report stating that our client appeared on the videotape attempting to cash the check. However, when the HPD officer was subpoenaed to bring the video to court, the officer admitted that our client was actually not on the video, and the officer stated that she was instructed by her superiors to go ahead and file criminal charges against our client so that the officer could get experience in how to process reports. The case was dismissed, and the HPD officer involved was later terminated. Result Dismissed