October 26th, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client, a company that operates, maintains, and manages water and wastewater systems, performed work on a wastewater system for an apartment complex. The complex reneged on its agreement to pay $28,997.04. Result Settlement Amount Client Received Our client recovered $25,297.59. Our client incurred attorney’s fees of $5,681.25.

Aggravated Assault

October 25th, 2016|Criminal Cases, Track Record|

Type 2nd degree felony Facts Client was accused of using a machete to threaten injury to a complainant. We located and produced a witness who stated that the complaining witness was the aggressor, and that our client was only defending himself, which established our client’s defense of self-defense. Result Dismissed


October 25th, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client had hired a debt collection agency, but the debt collector refused to pay client the money collected on behalf of our client. Our client filed suit for $15,662.00. Shortly after filing suit, the debt collector contacted our office and told us that he would drown us in legal work and drown our client in legal costs. We told him to bring it on, because we would seek to hold him responsible for all of our client’s fees. The very next day, the debt collector had a check delivered to us for the full amount for which our client had sued, plus attorney’s fees and costs. Upon conclusion of the case, our client gave us the following endorsement: “April 2008, we turned a couple of accounts to Chasemax to collect for us. In May, one of our customers paid them $14,000. Chasemax didn't inform us they had received this money. The only reason we became aware of it was because our customer called and told us. For several months, we called Chasemax, that was by that time, taken over by Rothman & Wise (but had the same owners & employees that were at Chasemax). If they did accept our phone calls, they were very rude to us. If we left a message, they never returned our calls. So finally we retained a lawyer in Houston and he was able to collect 100% of what Chasemax had received from our customer and all of our legal costs.” Result Settled for full amount. Amount Client Received Client received client’s full $15,662.00 sought, plus a reimbursement of all of client’s legal fees and costs.


October 25th, 2016|Construction/Real Estate Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien claim asserted against it for $39,043.02. We discovered that only $8,298.23 of the claim related to materials delivered to our client’s property. Result Settled for $1,000


October 24th, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client was a consultant for company that managed franchised gas stations, who refused to pay for client’s services. Our client was owed $11,297.70, and suit was filed for such amount. The opposing party failed to appear in the lawsuit, and a default judgment was entered in the full amount sought. The judgment was collected in full when a writ of execution was served. Upon conclusion of the case, the client endorsed our firm as follows: “I hired Roger to collect money that was owed to my company. He relentlessly pursued my case to a judgment, and he collected every penny owed to me, with interest, and with all of the attorney’s fees I paid him. He told me that he could make no guarantees, but he came through! I was pleasantly surprised, and I would use his firm again!!” Result Default judgment for full amount sought, plus attorney’s fees and court costs. Amount Client Received Client received the full $11,297.70 that was owed to client, together with a reimbursement of all attorney’s fees and costs that client had paid.


October 24th, 2016|Construction/Real Estate Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client was a hotel that had a mechanic’s lien claim asserted against it for $37,168.72. We contested the lien notices that the claimant alleges were provided, as well as the lien itself. After we successfully defended a motion for summary judgment filed by the lien claimant, the lien claimant chose to dismiss the suit. Result Claim for $37,168.72 dismissed after hard-fought summary judgmep motion was denied


October 23rd, 2016|Civil Cases, Track Record|

Facts Our client loaned $50,000 to his friend, who invested in real estate, because she had fallen on hard times. When the friend failed to repay the outstanding loan balance of $37,500, following a demand letter and numerous promises to repay him, we filed a lawsuit. Result The defendant chose not to contest the lawsuit, resulting in a judgment for our client. Amount Client Received Our client was awarded a judgment for $66,380.95 plus interest and court costs, and $2,136.75 in attorney’s fees. After the judgment was entered, the defendant agreed to make automatic monthly payments directly from her bank account. So far, our client has recovered $1,500 in addition to $1,250 in attorney’s fees.